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Vision Training Tool
Vision Training Tool

Built by Progressive Optometry, VTTool is a suite of exercises that can be used by the visual therapist for in-office training or by the patient for at-home practice. The suite includes the following exercises:

  • Base In Out
  • Cognition
  • Decode
  • Directionality
  • Eidetics
  • Figure Ground
  • Fusion
  • Jump Duction
  • Random Anaglypth
  • Random Dot
  • Recognition
  • Red Blue Reading
  • Reversals
  • Rotations
  • Rhythmicity
  • Sequential Memory
  • Sight Words
  • Tracing
  • Visual Closure
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Visual Memory
  • Word Tracking

Combining the exercises in a single setting not only lowers the costs, but allows both the patient and the professional to quickly become familiar with them. Exercise settings alter their difficulty to adjust to patient age and needs. Most patients enjoy the exercises and think of them as games.

Download a PDF version of the VTTool manual to see screen shots and a full explanation of the program. Or go to our download page and download the free 30 day trial version. The manual is a part of the trial version installation.

Please take advantage of the free 30 day trial to ensure VTTool is right for your business. When you're ready to buy, go to the purchase page to purchase a license key that turns your trial version into a fully licensed product. For any pre-sales questions, use our Contact Form and select VTTool Pre-sales Questions.